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what my clients say.

I’m honestly enjoying the ultimate challenge so much. Not only have I learned a lot so far but I’m having so much fun. Rina is truly the most amazing coach! She’s been so accomodating and supportive and genuinely shows interest and passion in her clients health and fitness. Couldn’t of asked for better!

I can’t thank you enough for gifting me this opportunity. I 1000% needed this. For the first time I can say I’m proud of myself for what I’ve achieved and I can happily look in the mirror and love what I’m looking at. 
I’ve found my niche in the gym world. 

Rina you are absolutely killing it. The knowledge you have is going to help so many people.

personalised programs to suit your goals.

let's kick goals!


6 weeks progress in a TBHF Program can help you get some amazing results!

healthy & maintainable 

The most number one thing about Health & Fitness and your goals are to ensure your programs are realistic, healthy and maintainable, it is about your Total Body not just one aspect. After all you don't want all your hard work going to waste because your plans are not maintainable and cannot fit into your lifestyle. We don't want to count macros and calories for ever, so let's work together to create some healthy long lasting habits. 

  • App with all your health and fitness programs at your fingertips

  • Personalised Training Plans designed for your body and your goals

  • Gym & Home Based Programs

  • Personalised Macros & Meal Plans designed for your body and your goals

  • Goal & Mindset Coaching

  • Weight Loss

  • Check-Ins and Adjustments to ensure your on the right track to hit your goals

  • Advice and Assistance throughout your journey


meet Rina

Hey, I am Rina Power. Coffee lover, Mumma to two beautiful girls,

Club Manager at Snap Fitness Burdekin and passionate about Health & Fitness.


I believe that one size doesn’t fit all. Everyone is unique, therefore everyone needs a unique health and fitness plan.

No matter your goals, we can work together in person or online to build a physique & lifestyle you are proud of!

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