Welcome to Total Body Health & Fitness, I am Rina Power. Coffee lover, Mumma to two beautiful girls, Club Manager at Snap Fitness Burdekin and passionate about Health & Fitness. Assisting others to reach their Health and Fitness goals through healthy, achievable and maintainable methods is my main goal.


I believe that one size doesn’t fit all. Everyone is unique, therefore everyone needs a unique health and fitness plan. Which is where I come in!


Throughout my adult life I have always had an interest in fitness, though it wasn’t until I had my two children I realised that health and fitness needed to become more of a lifestyle. I needed to cut the ‘quick fixes’ and stop spending money on things I thought would help me. My approach to health and fitness was to get a good coach, listen to my body and to track what I ate to teach me about portion sizes and what was in the foods I was eating.   Along my journey I was very surprised about the lack of information and miscommunication there was relating to nutrition and fitness, especially post partum, which is why I am here today. Previously having children, I realised how different my body was not the physical look of it but internally. How the different hormones affect your muscles and strength and the muscles you once had your now without. This led me to study Pre and Post Natal Exercise to ensure that I am able to help people that were once in my position.


I also learnt that fitness alone isn’t solely responsible for achieving goals. It is a combination of what you eat and how you train. I than went on to study Sports, Exercise and Diet Nutrition so that I could become the best coach to my clients and help in every possible way I can.


The learning doesn’t stop. There is always something new that sparks my interest and I endeavor to continue my education to ensure I can give you the best. I’m so excited for this journey and hope we can work together some day! 

What is your why? You may already know it, but if you don’t I want you to have a think and write it down! When the going gets tough you can look back on your why and realise why you started!

Rina xx

My Qualifications

  • Certificate III in Fitness

  • Certificate IV in Fitness

  • Advanced Certificate in Nutrition & Health specialising in Sports & Exercise Nutrition

  • Certificate in Pre & Post Natal Exercise